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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about properties in Manchester. The Greater Manchester postcodes that have seen the biggest house price rises in the last year – and where they’re falling. There has been a hike in demand for some areas in the region during lockdown.

Biggest House Price RisesThe property market has thrived in the last year.

Estate agents closed for seven weeks during the first lockdown, but have remained open through the second and third, with a stamp duty holiday introduced to encourage the market.

And, with more time spent indoors than ever, people have had time to rethink their priorities in a home.

These factors could be why there has been a hike in demand in some areas of Greater Manchester.

In 2020, many postcodes in the region saw house prices surge, while other areas have seen house prices fall.

One postcode, covering the village of Dunham Massey saw property prices jump by nearly 90 per cent compared to 2019, while two postcodes in Old Trafford saw increases of more than 70 per cent in lockdown.

Meanwhile, one postcode in Oldham saw prices dip by 17 per cent, and postcodes covering West Gorton and Middleton saw prices drop by 11 per cent.

Here, the Manchester Evening News data unit has analysed the Land Registry’s price paid data.

They’ve put together a list of the Greater Manchester postcodes that saw the biggest price rises in 2020 – and the areas that have seen big drops.

The places in England and Wales with the biggest house prise rises have also been revealed.

A North Yorkshire postcode saw a rise of more than 170 per cent, while one in Leeds dropped by more than half.

We found this article about The Greater Manchester postcodes that have seen the biggest house price rises in the last year on Manchester Evening News. Kindly click the link to read the full story.

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