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Sell My House Quickly in Manchester

Sell My House Quickly in Manchester

We found another interesting news about the house selling condition in Manchester.

The article says that with homes selling in 48 hours, the Greater Manchester suburb that has become a UK property hotspot.

Walkden, Manchester
Cheapest Houses in Walkden, Manchester

One local estate agent said the market in Walkden, Manchester is ‘chaotic’ with homes selling for more than the asking price.

It has become UK property hotspot with homes sold in 48 hours as buyers look to move out of city center districts left empty by the pandemic.

Research shows that the number of interested buyers seeking properties rocketed by 189 percent in the year up to July.

According to the research by an estate agency group that this places, Walkden among the top 20 most sought-after suburbs in the UK.

Figures also show that 60 percent of homes in Walkden, Manchester are selling above the asking price. It is which by far the highest rate of any of the most in-demand areas listed.

The research shows that it is first time buyers who are driving the property market in the suburbs, and this trend is expected to continue with city centers left deserted by office staff working from home.

Walkden has excellent transport links
Walkden, Manchester has excellent transport links

Walkden, Manchester has excellent transport links

There has been a 200 percent increase in the number of first time buyers snapping up properties in the area from July 2019 to July 2020.

Walkden estate agent Linzi Farrell said the firm had sold a property in just 48 hours this week.

Aside from the transport links, buyers are also attracted to Walkden because it has more affordable property prices.

We found this article on Manchester Evening News. Click the link to read the full story.

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